Melodyne 4

looks awesome


takes EQ into another level :astonished:

I own Melodyne Editor 2 and didn’t even know 3 was released. I’m still trying to figure out what has been added to 4. Admittedly, I haven’t done a lot of research yet; but I intend to.

Just finished playing with it for a few hours… VERY impressive!
It’s much more accurate and intelligent than before… the studio version is pretty handy with being able to do all the melodyne work with multiple channels from one window… nice deal on upgrading form ANY version of editor to studio too!

Yeah, Melodyne Editor v2 -> v4 is $99. But Editor any version to Studio v4 is only $149. Might as well do that.

Indeedy! which is what i just did :smiley:

Do not love the transfer procedure, but otherwise it’s looking good and I fear a few hours/days of studying again…

Uuh? where is version 3, did it actually exsist ?

No, there was a V3 upgrade to Studio that didn’t make it into the lesser editions, so they decided to just combine everything into a version 4 across all editions. Looks like the Editor->Studio upgrade for $149 is a no-brainer. Great review in this month’s Sound On Sound too.