Melodyne ARA bugs

Well, the extension are all pre-inserts of course. This is not configurable.

Depending on your installed plug-ins you will find all ARA2 products under extensions.

what other confirmed bugs do you have ?

Can we have a shortcut to open “Extension” ? cannot find one, just the “Close Extension”…

+1 :pray:

One perfect example of using Melodyne during comping can be seen in this video at 2:02.


Oh Steinberg… please expand your alpha and beta testing team.

I suspect they knew about these but they weren’t considered showstoppers since there are workarounds. There was no way they were gonna put out a change this big completely bug free. They’d certainly be the first DAW to have done that with ARA. Hopefully .40 isn’t too far away.

You don’t know which the best take is until you have edited it. Imagine that you must choose between two takes: one is perfectly tuned and the other has better expression, but its tuning is worse. You don’t know exactly how the second one will sound until you have processed it with Melodyne (or another tuning corrector).

A take that you might never have considered without Melodyne, could sound amazing when Melodyne is applied.
But you don’t know that until you have applied melodyne and tried it in context.
Therefore, being able to apply it during comping is gold.

That’s the exact reason!
Thanks Miroslav. :wink:

The biggest BUG, or should I say the insane thing that BUGs me - and will bug many others too is that;


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A "Melodyne 4” trial, unfortunately, cannot be activated on a system it previously expired on. The only option here is to test this on a different system instead.

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Option 1: Build a new DAW
Option 2: Spend 699 Euro
Option 3: Just wont bother.

3 for me.

I don not think they did not catch the bug, I think they have a somewhat crazy philosopy of releasing features they know are not ready for prime time.

Anybody got ARA/Melodyne working on win 7? Win 10 partition is working fine but on win 7 the extension menu is not showing.

To be honest, I think the implementation of ARA was way more complicated than Steinberg had anticipated.
Releasing it in the current state was probably more due to damage control with regards to the time plan.
They had made a promise and had to keep it somehow.
Hopefully 10.0.40 isn’t that far off.

  1. The Play tool (shortcut 9 by default) isn’t working for events with Melodyne extension active. It’s just silence.

  2. I get the “Audio dropout detected” error when I try to record on a track with Melodyne extension activated

Both of these work fine again when I remove the extensions.

I fixed this sort of. I have a non standard windows drive letter, not C:. Apparently cubase ARA is looking at the c drive not the system drive. I do have a c drive and when I copied the 2 celemony folders in program files/common files and program files/common files/VST3 to my c drive melodyne appeared.
I would consider this a bug…


Already known issue. Thank you.

Same as other plug-ins, ARA plug-ins need some resources.

Please Martin a Shortcut to open the different “Extension”…

Hi everyone,
here is how to try out Melodyne for (another) 30 days:

  • download the trial version of Melodyne 4.2.2 from our website:

  • install and start the program

  • a window will pop up, where you hit the “Activate” button

  • this will take you to the Celemony license website

  • on the bottom of this page chose “Switch to trial mode”

  • in case you had tested the trial version already at some point in the past, the option “Switch to trial mode” won’t be available anymore.


Under “Activate trial version”, it will show a serial number.
Copy this number into an email to, and add the info that you want to try the new ARA implementation in Cubase or Nuendo.
We will then reload your account with another 30 days.
After that, we hope you enjoy the new integration :slight_smile:

Stefan Lindlahr

Melodyne Product Specialist


I don’t think there is any.