Melodyne ARA display problem

I’m getting an odd display problem with Melodyne ARA extension in C12.

If i open an existing project, it plays normally. I double click on my Melodyne tuned event and it opens up in the lower zone, but no blobs are displayed, no algorithm is shown as being used and my chord track is no longer shown or detected.

I found that if i then click on the arrange window onto a different event, midi or something like that, and then click back to my Melodyne tuned event, it now shows normally and i can edit the blobs etc as i did in the Cubase 11 project.
This is the same if i start with a new empty project.

Anyone else using Melodyne that can confirm this? I’m using Editor btw, and i also did a reinstall just in case.

All working no problems in Cubase 11.