melodyne editor - Cubase features


I do have Cubase 6 and the Essential version too - G=Haven’t used it much for a while-just wandering what are the pitch shift/tune like compared with Melodyne Editor - I know there is something included with Cubase 6 especially as it is the top version but how do the features compare to Melodyne? - Not digging at Cubase btw but have had an upgrade offer for Melodyne Uno (most basic version) via email and I think is it worth it? - Or are Cubase features as advanced as Melodyne?

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Melodyne Editor is clearly more advanced. Polyphonic editing is pretty amazing. For monophonic material Cubase’ internal VariAudio is extremely sufficient to me and beautifully integrated into the workflow (let’s hope for ARA implementation, then Melodyne will catch up workflowwise). Drastic pitch changes usually - but not always - sound better in Melodyne. Features like shifting formants and scale grid are things Variaudio doesn’t offer (you can shift formants with Pitch correct though).

Beside the actual use for pitch correction MD Editor is a creative tool for many other purposes :sunglasses:

Thanks for the info - Melodyne worth it then,…

… the more I use it, the more purposes come to mind. Getting weird, exceptional results out of it often takes some time but no other tool does what Melodyne does. It’s easier to abuse than to use which can mean a lot of fun :mrgreen:

+1 for Cubase implementation of ARA - it looks very promising

Are you guys at Steinberg talking to Celemony, or maybe doing your own thing that’s functionally similar?

Would be a shame if Presonus Studio One were to leapfrog Cubase in this area.


I’d love to have this option. That’d be an extented sample editor, I’d finally buy a new computer for. (At least I guess, it will be heavy on resources…)

Yes ARA for Cubase please.
I am seriously considering moving to the DAW that already does offer this, as I already own Melodyne, but find it a beating to use within cubase now.
Steinberg at least let us know if this is in the works, or if it’s just a :No GO" for Steinberg.

ARA seems like a great idea :sunglasses: