Melodyne in Cubase 11: Reshaping sample

Our friends at Celemony created a very nice video on the improved ARA integration in Cubase 11

Melodyne in Cubase 11: Reshaping sample

What do you think?

been waiting for this :slight_smile: v11 is looking better and better

Very slick indeed… Melodyne 5 update will have to wait though…

That is fantastic!

Stuff like this makes you realize how lucky we are to be making music in this segment of time.

Whoa… this is quite incredible. Finally these two companies come together to offer up something amazing. Thank you!

Great !!!
its always welcome to get new interaction with 3rd party companies that has unique ideas and features that contribute Cubendo workflow and capabilities.
Thumbs up

+1 – this is why many of us were asking for ARA in Cubase for years, and it’s now even better than I’d imagined. Hats off to Steinberg & Celemony!

Amazing stuff, thx !

Nice… Thanks.

Regards :sunglasses:

Why can’t we have an update for 10.5 for the same feature?

Actually, the whole Cubase journey rocks. This is just more icing on the cake. This is one complicated product. A technical work of art.

You can – its’ called Cubase 11. :stuck_out_tongue:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

This is incredible. In the video, which edition of Melodyne is being used, Editor or Studio?

Studio 5

Hmm… Embarrassing - I can clearly see it was Studio 5.

However, there was no multi-track stuff going on in Melodyne, so I assume that Editor would have been able to do the same?

We’ve come a long way, baby! Incredible what’s possible.

This feature alone is worth the update price! Great, great work, Steinberg!