Melodyne (Multiple Microphones)

Hello. I watched this video about working with multiple microphones in Melodyne:

I was wondering if you can help me to do the same thing but in Cubase (right now I have Melodyne Editor 2 and Cubase Pro 8.5).
I recorded an acoustic guitar with 2 mics, one on the bridge and the other near the 12 fret. Now, I can send both of them to a Group track where I inserted Melodyne so I can edit both at once. But ¿How can I process each track with different things if from the group track I can only select one output?

Since the linked video is not in English I can’t really help.

But in order to edit two separate tracks (sources), you would have to ‘import’ to Melodyne the separate tracks. Not from a group track.

Thank you. But that´s not what Im trying to do. Why did you say that the linked video is not in english? I just checked and it is! :open_mouth:

Aw, there was a dropdown menu for languages at the bottom of the page. Not sure why it comes up in Spanish for me…

Now I understand the question correctly.

I don’t believe there is any way to do it internally with Cubase. But you can full pan each track L/R, send to group channel, then edit the group channel in Melodyne. Then Export the tracks back into Cubase via ‘Export Audio Mixdown’. Select ‘Split Channels’ and ‘Import into Project’.

Then you will have two separate mono tracks (one from each mic) that you can pan and process individually after Melodyne editing.

Not the most convenient way but it will work.

My 2 cents dont work with Cubase and Melodyne at the same time with a plug in. When you work with Melodyne concentrate on the program only (it is a serious job) and export the fruit of your work on Cubase when youre done and vice versa…

Both plugged in is asking for CPU problem and a land of confusion Maybe you like it I dont