Melodyne mutes sound from audio track

Guys, I need your help. I have audio track in project. I try to pitch it in Melodyne. When I open Melodyne as extension (ARA2) I lost any sound from audio track. If I delete Melodyne extension sound returns back. At the same time, if I open audio track for VariAudio editing I hear sound from audio track. With other words, VariAudio doesn’t blocks sound, rather Melodyne blocks it. :cry:

What I doing wrong? :confused:

Melodyne version is
Cubase version 10.0.30

Nothing, it’s a bug in Cubae 10.0.30:
ARA 2 limitations in Cubase 10.0.30 and Nuendo 10.1
In Cubase 10, menu Studio -> Studio setup -> VST Audio System -> Processing precision -> set this to “32 bit float”.

Oh, I see.
Thank you very much for answer. You help me a lot!