Melodyne or no Melodyne in C7?

Has anyone used Melodyne in C7 yet? I know it is compatible with C6 but was wondering if anyone has had luck using it in 7.

no sure yet, but u could install 7 parallel to 6 and test it.
there is no need to overwrite 6

I have Melodyne latest version and Cubase Artist 7… works fine. Dont see it being an issue with C7 full version.

i’ve had some minor issues with melodyne and c7.01. i did a transfer and the audio stopped. melodyne went into detection mode (clock display) prematurely. tried it again and it worked okay. has happened on a couple of projects but randomly. i wonder if asio guard might be the cause? melodyne say you should set buffer to 1024 samples. but if asio guard is adding more latency that might be an issue? anyway, overall i’d say that melodyne editor does work with cubase 7, but be prepared for the odd glitch. ed

I have had some problems with it. It would stop playing the note when I clicked on it, and I did have a crash. Now, I was using a pretty small latency at the time - hadn’t heard about the large buffer recommendation.

Didn’t bother trying to take it any further, and moved to standalone (single track) version.

Should also state that this is version 1.3.0. Haven’t upgraded to 2 yet.