Melodyne out of sync after changing project timecode?

Hello Forums,

I’ve been running into something super frustrating while working on a film score. If I use Melodyne as an extension, but then use “Set Timecode At Cursor”, that clip no longer plays back. If I open it up while playing, I can see the cursor in Melodyne way off from where it’s supposed to be. I do have to say “Do not keep project at current timecode” when Cubase asks, because I need stuff to shift around to follow changes in the picture.

Is there any way to tell Melodyne to resync with the clip after timecode changes? I thought this was a Cubase 13 issue, but went back to Cubase 12 and it’s the same problem. Unusable for film scoring.

Any tips would be greatly appreciate,

– Jason

I think this is most likely occurring because Melodyne is actually using a temp ‘scratch’ version of the Audio file while making edits which is outside the control of Cubase. If you make the Extension permanent (which will create a new Audio File under Cubase’s control) prior to messing with the tempo settings it should work. Of course you’ll need to reapply the Extension to this new file if you want to continue using Melodyne after that point.

I’d recommend making a test Project and play around with making extensions permanent to sort out when you’d need to do this & how that impacts your workflow.

That makes sense, thanks. Melodyne appears to be integrated in such a way that you wouldn’t have to do this, but I think you’ re right and this scenario was never considered and tested.