Melodyne problem?

Just installed Cubase 6 (looks great btw). Everything fine until I tried to use Melodyne Editor - I got a runtime error and the whole program crashed. Anyone else seen this?

Melodyne Editor crashes Cubase 5.5 for me. I can’t remember if it was the VST2 version, VST3 version, or both, but it’ll crash for me. I still have the introduction window come up on Melodyne – wasn’t sure if that was a contributor of the problem, but I didn’t care enough about it to pursue it further. I don’t have Cubase 6 – at least not yet. Good luck!

I’ll check my copy of Melodyne tomorrow and post results. In the meantime, use Variaudio - it’s good.

Has VariAudio improved in Cubase 6? I never found it be near as good sounding as Melodyne plugin.

VA is great for mono - Melodyne for stereo.

Thanks for contris so far - ME worked for me in Cubase 5.5 under W7 AFAIR - looking forward to hearing more!

Are you talking about the actual “melodyne editor” or are you talking about vari-audio?

Anyways I like vari-audio better than melodyne as you can set it to a percentage rather than push everything to the closest note at 100% or nothing with melodyne.

It sounds so much more natural using vari-audio with it set at around 85-90%

We have Melodyne Assistant at work… if you hold down the ALT key (WinPC) while click-dragging the blobs, you can place them wherever… (bypasses ‘snap’ or somesuch). Maybe its the same in MelEditor…?

No, this is about Melodyne Editor. I would hope that using vari-audio wouldn’t crash Cubase!

Melodyne runs perfect on C5.5.2, 32 or 64 bit, VST3 or 2.

maybe you should learn how to use Melodyne before typing?

This way you can possibly avoid giving out false information about something you obviously know nothing about.

anyone using melodyne successfully in C6?

This is exactly the type of stuff I was afraid of.

i’ve got melodyne editor running perfectly as far as i can tell on cubase 6 using windows xp! have only tested briefly but so far it seems same as always.
p.s. somebody said earlier that melodyne gives 100% snap to pitch or nothing. nonsense! melodyne will let you correct to any percentage, either with a slider or by using a key command while dragging blobs.

I’m running W7 but I can’t imagine that’s the cause. I’d better try reinstalling Editor, I guess. It’s just useful to know that it should behave itself. And absolutely agree with your comment - Melodyne would be a pretty poor excuse for a tool if you couldn’t fine-control those features!

So, maybe you’ve missed my response… :frowning:

yes; sorry missed that you had already given the key command info. my post was really more about the fact that melodyne and windows xp seem ok with c6. ed

Well, here’s what I had to do to fix things.

I worked my way back through my Cubase versions until I found one where Melodyne didn’t crash (Cubase 4). I then upgraded to the latest Melodyne version (1.2).

Then I opened Cubase 6 and to my delight it worked.

I was going to get around to uninstalling those old Cubase versions eventually, but now I’m very glad I didn’t. Moral of the story: never throw anything away!

Thanks for all your suggestions/comments folks, happy music making to you all.
Gred :smiley:

Thanks for the info Gredulum
I had the same problem with a runtime error on Windows 7 using Cubase 6 and the 1.0.8 version of Melodyne.
After updating to 1.2, the run time error disappeared and melodyne opened as an audio plugin.
I’m currently not seeing any audio blobs in the Melodyne window when running it as an effect insert, but at least Cubase isn’t crashing.

hmm I appear to be having crash problems with Melodyne as well.

this is version 1.2 and cubase 6.0.2 and I am using the VST 3 64bit version.

However, i seem to have other similar crashes so I am not 100% its melodyne.

is anyone experiencing this problem with 6.0.2?

And are you using Melodyne at 64bits?

Besides that there’s a new update 1.2.1…

(I just use Melodyne with Protools…)