Melodyne reset with tempo modification

  1. Create new project
  2. Record audio (24/44.1 here)
  3. Edit it with melodyne
  4. change the project’s tempo
  5. Melodyne reset the audio (analyse it from scratch) and everything done before is lost

Can anyone confirm ?

All good here. Not happening.

Ok thanks, do you have version 11.0.40 ?

I can, in fact, i’m in cubase 12 and have the latest melodyne version. This only happens with ARA extension. With the standalone melodyne plugin its fine

Can confirm happening here too. Cubase 12, Melodyne as ARA extension.

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Nightmare, is there a solution to this? Maybe cancel the tempo sync between the Cubase and Melodyne… how can this be done?

I came across this problem yesterday. In a project recorded live without a click where the tempo track was created based on the audio. When editing a section in Melodyne, I noticed that several bar boundaries were not precise. So, I decided to correct them with Cubase Warp Tool and… poof! All Melodyne adjustments were gone :woozy_face:

So my post yesterday…

Having asked Celemony for help I have a solution!!
You need to set any events to which you are adding Melodyne to musical mode before adding the extension,then Melodyne takes on board the tempo changes and all is well!

…doesn’t quite work it turns out. I think that if there’s only one tempo for the whole project this works, but if you have a tempo map with variation in it then it doesn’t seem to work. Will keep investigating…

My audio event was not set to musical mode, so I don’t deny your suggestion. Maybe it works for a variable tempo map as well. More investigation is needed, as you say :wink: