Melodyne still crashing Cubase

Yes, unfortunately (at least here)

add Monotrack > record audio > insert Melodyne > record (transfer) in Melodyne > stop > save > export / import audio > save again > remove Melodyne from the insert slot > Cubase 8 crash (Cubase quits unexpectedly … blabla … :frowning: )

Same happened on Cubase 7.5.3, but not on 6.5 (which was Melodyne friendly)

In Cubase 8 i deleted the preferences folder, restarted and opened a Cubase audio template - but didn’t help much. Still crashing …

Using the latest Melodyne editor version, Cubase 8 on OSX Mavericks

Hoping for a fix soon !

again??? WTF, hey man what are you doing in Steinberg? still there? with same bugs since Cubase 7.0. That’s creasy and I’ve payed other 99euro… I need to use Melodyne in multiple tracks not only for vocals, or choirs, is a super used important plug in of the last 10years…

I hope they will fix it in 8.0.1 because Melodyne as NativeInstruments stuff are the world standard plugs used in all platforms.

I hope someone will fix this annoying issue too. Steinberg or Celemony.

Apart from this i really like Cubase Pro 8

Works very good here. Windows - a mac problem?

Not sure, but probably yes

8.0.10 … and still crashing :frowning:

I’ve given up on using Melodyne for the same reason - all Windows here. Perhaps (gasp) the problem is with Melodyne - not Cubase? After all, a VST is just a C program - which can be a pile of crap - which is not Steinberg’s fault. If you filled your Focus up with horse urine and it broke down - would you blame Ford?

: (

Maybe certain setups/computer/os configs that make trouble. For me Melodyne still works as it should and it has since forever.

Ok, had a glitch recently when I was trying to use the time handle tool. Cubase quit/disappeared without a message - poof and gone. Only happened once. Don’t know if Melodyne was causing the trouble.

I can confirm the problem “removing melodyne from insertslot crashes Cubase”

Even the workaround described here:
doesn’t work for me.

+1 - happening for me as well on OS X Cubase Pro 8.0.1

Will this be fixed and when?

The only time Melodyne crashes for me is if I use asio guard or have my buffer lower than 1024
otherwise it works great.

Sorry that you all have problems but it seem to be MAC based issues. Please contact Celemony support at:

Just so you all know. Zero problem here on PC Windows 7 x64 and Windows 8.1 x64.

Best Regards

I don’t use asio guard and buffer size is 1024 samples.
I’ve emailed Celemony and ±15 minutes I’ve got a mail back:

Hello Peter,

thanks for your mail. For the moment, please save before removing Melodyne. You might not need to remove Melodyne at all. Simply freeze the track.

With best wishes,
Ulf Kaiser

It doesn’t work here, but you can try and let it know.


They also replied to me saying it is a known issue they are currently investigating. For the time being, they suggested just turning off the plugin instead of removing it. Nice to know they’re working on it.