Melodyne Studio upgrade

There is for the next few days a reduced upgrade price to Melodyne studio
I have the full version of Spectralayers is the polyphonic spectral shaping of Melodyne Studio available in Spectralayers

@toots1e SpectraLayers is an ARA plugin, not an ARA host. Both SpectraLayers and Melodyne can co-exist in an ARA host such as Cubase 11, for instance.

What I was trying to say are tone shaping capabilities in melodyne the same as the ones in Spectralayers

SpectraLayers is spectral shaping by nature, but it’s not the same approach as Melodyne. In SL you sculpt the spectrogram directly, using tools such as eraser or amplifer or selection tools.

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Melodyne is for correcting tuning and timing. The tonal adjustments you can do are an interesting addon, as is the synth section. But in my own case, I’ve never used these things for real in a project. If you were into making crazy voices with envelope controlled formants then you will like it. The main reason to upgrade to the studio version is the multi-track capability. You can see all your Melodyned tracks in one window. Very useful when working on harmonies etc.

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