MELODYNE: This is the new normal?!!?

Theoretically, I have resolved my Melodyne Export problem. (See original problem here: )

After talking to Celemony, they told me that Studio Editor 1 no longer works with Nuendo. Now, I know why I couldn’t export my edits. So I updated to Studio Editor 2 this morning. Now I can export my edits like I used to be able to do in Studio Editor 1. BUT YOU CAN NO LONGER BYPASS MELODYNE VIA NUENDO. :open_mouth:

So, if I’ve got 4 inserts on a channel, one of which is Melodyne, and I bypass the rack, only 3 plugs go dark. Melodyne stays active. If I try to bypass directly with the left hand switch, which would bybass the other 3 separately, Melodyne stays active. So, I called Sweetwater Tech Support and asked if this was how it was supposed to work. They said yes, you can only bypass the Melodyne plug INSIDE the Melodyne project window.

Can you guys confirm that for me? Why would they make the plug unresponsive to the Nuendo commands? This doesn’t make any sense to me.


I don’t have or use Melodyne, but I can confirm the same behavior in iZotope RX4


EXACTLY!! That was my feeling when the tech told me that. That is an insane workflow inhibitor! :angry: So, now the only work around will be to duplicate the track, delete the Melodyne plug on the original and toggle between the two just to approximate a bypass!

I also upgraded from RX2 to RX4 in the same purchase this morning. Now Lemix is telling me this has the same issue?!!? Talk about BUYER’S REMORSE!!! I could’ve saved that money and happily used the older versions as they were. That workaround was much simpler. Since I could no longer export the edit, I simply recorded the edit to a different track! I’d still have the bypass function on both plugs. What a disappointmnent!

Sorry Keyplayer…I must add that happens in N 6.5.4.
I no longer use N7, waiting on the update.

Let’s say I have 4-5 audio channel insert plugins loaded, one being RX4 ( advanced) Denoiser.
I click bypass all plugins on the track control, but it stays on.
Happens even next day, after reopening the project from a fresh boot, that thing is still active.

However, this isn’t a major problem for me at all, I can always bypass it in the RX plugin window.

I wouldn’t classify this as a “Big Problem.” I would classify it as an illogical PITA. If I had known this before the upgrade purchase, there would NOT have been an upgrade purchase. Because this is clearly NOT an upgrade!