Melodyne v4 Rewire with Cubase 9 Pro

Update: If at all possible, I’d appreciate it if readers of this post would reply if they are having a similar issue with Rewire… particularly with regard to Melodyne but issue(s) with Rewire in general.

I’m pretty sure I’m missing something fundamental in Cubase… I just can’t seem to find a solution.

I’m exploring using Melodyne 4.1 (newest) 64bit with Cubase 9 (64 bit) via Rewire. Yes, I know about the plug in but want to understand any “differences” between the two implementations. Cubase creates the two expected Rewire channels using and activating the Device tab “Melodyne Rewire”. Melodyne is started and an audio file in loaded and analyzed. Cubase and Melodyne “interact” via either “tranport” function. The audio signal from Melodyene is visible and audible as incoming to the Cubase Rewise channels … Melodyne is configured as Rewire and outputting to the corresponding appropriate channels (obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t get the signal as visible and audible in Cubase).

The Rewire channels on Cubase have no "record option … so it logically follows that somehow these channels need to be routed to some other “record-able” channel/track.

I’ve created all 4 types of tracks (Instrument, Audio, Midi and Sample) and explored (as far as I know) all of the available methods and options for input and I cannot find any way to import/link/acquire the input from the Rewire channels into another type of Cubase channel.

I will try Cubase 8.5 shortly to see if there is any difference in this regard.

Any help would be hugely appreciated!

Update: I’ve tried Cubase 8.5 and no joy! … still no way I can find to record the Rewire channels… please help!

Just shows ya if you stick to a thing long enough, you’ll succeed.

So it turns out there are actually three ways to “route” the Rewire channel(s) into a “record-able” track(s) … two of which are “related” and one which is extremely unintuitive to me … but perhaps not an experienced Cubase user… which I am NOT.

  1. Use Audio Mixdown to create a new Audio track within Cubase by Exporting each Rewire channel separately. This is the “unintuitive” method (to me). The TRICK here is that you MUST export the Rewire channel(s) in REAL TIME! Not doing so only creates a short blip of sound in the “new” (audio mixdown) Cubase track. It also means you must do each Rewire channel as separate Audio Mixdown’s … i.e. one-at-a-time… selecting the appropriate track from the Audio Mixdown list of tracks. This approach was partially suggested by a Celemony support tech, Ulf Kaiser. Give credit where credit is due.

The following two alternatives methods were inspired by the following posting within : … user DG

2 & 3) Simply substitute the “Rewire Channels” in place of the references to “VSTi Connections” and BOTH techniques work equally well. I prefer the second since it does not involve creating a group but that approach may be appropriate in some cases. The topic under discussion is “Recording To Audio Track From Isolated VST Synth” and the relevant reply is from Jul 11, 2014.