Melodyne workflow

My workflow question: Does anyone have a “slick” way they’re using melodyne within Cubase that might minimize some of my mouse clicks/errors. It seems I’m always clicking on the wrong transport bar or hitting ctrl Z, ctrl C, X whatever and inadvertently doing something in Cubase when I meant to do that action in Melodyne.

Example: Measure/bar lines in Melodyne lose sync when the tempo changes in Cubase unless you manually enter them in Melodyne. May be a small audience for that gripe but I do a lot of long medleys with often times many tempo changes and it gets confusing when I’m looking at measure 2000 in Cubase and measure 1833 in Melodyne. Just nut up and manually enter the changes or does someone have a tweak?

Example: Clicking on the “locator/transport bar” i.e. measures at the top of the Melodyne screen does nothing within Cubase. It seems I am consistently fighting myself over which program has the focus and/or get tired of going back and forth. I have two monitors and will sometimes slew the Melodyne screens off on the other one - helps some.

I’m whining a little bit here and may be just too feeble minded to keep stuff straight but thought I’d throw it out to the forum.