Meltdown/Spectre information/news updates...

I found this site has its finger on the pulse so thought I would share:

This commentary is slightly alarming:

I think for normal consumers the commentary last section is right. The risk is way out of proportion for normal end users. Obviously it is always important to patch security issues but as an end user I really don’t see why hackers will target us. I mean, at least here in my country, online access to bank accounts require 2 factor authentication and so does most game accounts as an option if you download the authenticator on your Android or IOS device. Your expensive Music software needs a hardware dongle linked to your account. So what will they steal? A few pictures from my kids birthday?
For businesses this is obviously a completely different story.
Just make sure to take a backup of everything important and the worst that could happen is that you need to spend a few hours to reinstall everything.
Make sure to not click on any suspicious links and they wont be able to exploit these security flaws anyway.