Mem issues with Nuendo 5.2.2 PC 32-bit (& a 4GB Patch)

These came up in another thread and I thought they deserved a closer look in their own. This regards Nuendo 5.2.2 PC 32-bit under Windows 7 64-bit.

  1. By looking at the Task Manager I’ve noticed that Nuendo 32-bit (N5-32) keeps eating away at memory at a rate of about 256k every 8-10 seconds regardless of whether a project is loaded or not. Nuendo 64-bit (N5-64) also seems to increment it’s memory use, but it’s a lot slower in comparison.

Why is this happening? And more importantly: is it normal? I looked at this while working and the memory footprint actually goes up AND down.

  1. I found a simple utility that patches a 32-bit executable to allow it to use up to 4 GB of memory space under W7-64. I tried loading a project worked under N5-64 in N5-32 last week, and it basically exploded: a memory limit warning from Nuendo was unheeded and serveral C++ runtime crash popups ensued.

I just patched the N5-32 executable with the 4GB utility and I was able to load the exact same 64-bit project in N5-32 without issues. I did get the memory warning from Nuendo, but I disregarded it again and it didn’t crash or break the load in. The project plays through without a hitch and is using up 2.029 GB; after some intervention it’s up to 2.15 GB and still stable. And it seems that as along as 32-bit dll’s exist for their 64-bit counterparts, they’ll be loaded in.

I don’t know if this is a working fix or there are any unknown or hidden issues at this time (I cannot assume any liability if your system explodes…), but If you’re interested this is the original article and the direct link to the patch:

How to Increase the Memory Limit for 32-bit Applications in Windows 64-bit OS

NTCore Patch Home Page

The patch does create a backup of the original exec but I suggest backing up the original manually before you even run it. And make sure you patch the correct exec!..

The patch is a hack and is surely not supported by anyone.
A 32-bit system limits the amount of mem. you can use, and there is nothing you can do about that.
Except for running Nuendo in 64bit on a 64bit OS.


On 64bit windows, any 32bit process can use 32bits of address space i.e. 0x00000000 to 0xFFFFFFFF in hexadecimal, 4GB in decimal. This memory is then used when you instantiate a plug-in, when the host needs to create tracks, send control surface information etc. You will see Nuendo crashes when Nuendo runs out of 0xFFFFFFFF address space.

Don’t bother using the regular task manager to monitor memory usage as that doesn’t tell you the total amount of address space the process is using. To check memory related crashes download Process Explorer and make sure “Virtual Size” is showing. Keep Process Explorer running while using Nuendo and if a crash occurs when the Virtual Size reaches 4GB then it is memory related.

As Fredo pointed out, I think it’s a rather adventurous idea to patch a software with helper tools from the internet that claim to increase the (memory) performance. Especially if you rely on the software as your everyday programme of choice to run your studio!
I have quite a huge confidence that the programmers at Steinberg would have used such patches for release versions of Nuendo if they would actually help rather than introduce new problems…
Fredo is right here: If you need more ram use 64 bit versions (available for both pc and mac now). I really don’t see the point…

I don’t think the patch is needed. It’s quite easy to get round the memory limitations without it (by using Vienna Ensemble Pro, for example) so it seems unnecessary to me.


OK. So no quick fix…

Thanks for this. The project I was testing has a Virtual Size of 3.2 GB, so within the “safe zone”.

Yes I can’t wait till all this is history: substitute “Waves” for “Khan” in this memorable excerpt

Well, for me I currently use both - 32bit and 64 bit host. Both is working great. I avoid using 64bit host for “regular” stuff (thouh it is 100% solid and stable) because of some additional workflow issues regarding Waves-Settings - so when just doing a regular mix, audio-recording or mastering I still use the 32bit version without any issue - but here and there I had those C++ errors caused by memory (in latest Cubase and Nuendo it can be caused by realtime timewarping as well (just warp 10 tracks of audio a couple of times and watch the task manager) - errors/crashes start at about 2.8-3.2 GB… well, just 4 would be not a BIG benefit, though it saved by but over 3 years in Win XP - without those extra 800 MB caused by that boot.ini hack (/3gb switch) most if my larger projects would have been problematic… So, just do yourself a favor and try the 64 bit version instead of tweaking the system :slight_smile:) As I wrote in other posts - it is possible, rocksolid, and just a little extra work (jBridge) is necessary.

As soon as all the other plugins are 64 bit you can just drop the 32bit software.

Projects are 100% compatible (be carefull with waves, all other pluins I have are without problems ( and I have truckloads of plugins))

I assume the tool sets the “IMAGE_FILE_LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE” flag mentioned i.e. at

But this flag is already set in the Nuendo 5 (32 bit) executable. (It can already handle 4GB RAM on 64 bit OS). So I assume this patch does nothing.

You are entirely correct. I received a confirmation of this from the author of the patch this morning. The errors I originally got trying to load a 64-bit project in 32-bit N5 must of been due to other issues.