Memories - ah, memories

Finding these made me realise I haven’t had a computer with a floppy drive installed for years.

…and floppies were so important once upon a time!

Floppy disks do not bend… Oh yes they do…

How about backing up a TB of data with these…


Back in the days of punch-cards there wasn’t a terabyte’s worth of data in the entire universe. :wink:

Just kidding, my first accounting job had a Burroughs punch-card computer system. The building grew up around it. When it was retired, they had to bust it up with sledgehammers and haul the pieces away.

I’m so old that my first computer was one of these! :wink: :sunglasses:

Yeah, those weren’t too bad for the time.

I had one of these, but it got messed up when I accidentally ran it through the wash:


:laughing: Guess you did a lot of step-time with that!

We used to do a lot of wobble bass with one of these…


Alright then, I’ve swapped from the Stone Henge plugin to the Avebury plugin, I find it better in many ways.