memorization problem the rating of retrologue presset

Today I noticed that the ratings of my presses have all returned to three stars so I lost all my ratings which annoys me but when I try to add or remove stars the software does not save it and everything resets to zero ( 3 stars) except my pressets which I created.

Same problem with set up result columuns of retrologue. At each closing nothing is recorded and each time must start again, it is not possible I give up. It is a good feature for a good organization only if it works!

then how to register a comment of a presset in retrologue?

Anyone have an idea please ??

+1 No answer by me, just a confirmation that this happens to me as well in Padshop VST3 plugin in Cubase. I spent one day to hear the 600+ Padshop factory presets and rated each and every one. Today stars are 3 for all of them. Wasted time!!

Does anybody know whether it’s a bug or there’s anything I am missing?

Win10, Cubase 10.5.20, Padshop 2.0.10