memorize orientation and scale (score)

Why Cubase 7 doesn’t memorize the orientation (landscape) and scale (70%) in score edit? Is this a new bug?

Yes. There are several problems involving printing.

It is really disturbing, the score editor of Cubase does not evolve at all… There is always more bugs… I announced several times bugs to Steinberg, these bugs was never corrected…
This is why, I use today Sibelius to publish my partitions. I export my Cubase-projects in xml-files, but there too, Cubase is not faithful to the standard xml, and there are problems, for example with the triplets, when the triplets do not start over a time, or also with the double-pointed notes. I however announced these problems there is 1-2 years! I unfortunately always have the impression that Steinberg does not want to hear the opinion of the users.

I agree there seems to be only minor improvements to the Score system with each Cubase upgrade.

I note the ex Sibelius team are working on a separate Score program, does this mean Score within Cubase will be run down and we will have to pay sheds load more money to get a decent Score package that most of us think should be included in Cubase.

Maybe Steinberg will do what Avid did with Pro Tools and update the score editor to be compatible with the new notation package. I do have Sibelius but not Pro Tools, so don’t know how well the integration between the two works. But being able to freely exchange files being Cubase and a notation package would be wonderful.

They discuss some of this at

Personally, I will thus not buy Cubase 7. I use Cubase only for midi and the preparation for the export of scores towards Sibelius. Cubase does not bring anything new to me, but all the same some additional bugs…