Memorizing search terms for track presets per track

Hi, I’m using more and more the track presets, either for direct creation of a track, or for altering the preset of an existed track, and of course the presets for this track based on the selected plugin. I find it a fantastic approach to refining sounds when in the mid stage of my mixes.

My feature request has to do with providing the ability to memorize the search terms for each track, when we have used the trackPresets windows on it.

For example, say, I have created a track using track presets, where I set the Category to Bass and the subCategory to Analog. Next, I go on with creating a track where I have Synth Pad as Category and Warm as subCategory.

Now, when I go back to my Bass track, I think it would be cool to see my previous search terms, memorized for this particular track, i.e. when I open the track presets window, Bass and Analog will be again selected. Then, if I move to my Pads track, the search terms could be automatically reset to Synth Pad and Warm.

I’m not finding this extremely important, we can always reset our parameters manually, however, it is a nice touch which can speed up the stage of searching for a good fit in the mix.

Here are two screenshots of the search terms I’m talking about: