Memory Issues with Plugs on new Mac

Hey all… I’m going through some growing pains with my new Mac Pro that I got back in September. My issue seems to be memory related. I’m trying to work on composing several themes that include plugs like Omnisphere, Kontakt, Komplete 8 and Play (EWQL Strings and others). I’m able to load patches and for the most stuff plays back fine, but I’m starting to get regular “out of memory” errors in Omni and weird white screens occasionally when going to Cubase edit modes. Just about every project I start ends in a crash (I’ve got tons of logs I can attach if helpful) Also, several of my saved, bigger songs will now not open unless I remove the Play plug from the Library Plug Ins. Kontakt has also opened with instruments missing. I’ve done my best to try and adjust settings in the plugs themselves to lighten the load, but something is obviously wrong when I’m only loading a couple instruments per plug and things are choking. I know I’m missing something.
Cubase is running on my main system drive. I have all my plug-in instruments/libraries on another separate internal drive. All plugs are running the latest versions.

Wish people would put complete system specs in their sigs/ posts instead of making people guess.

What system specs would you like? There are many.

Common sense would say 32/ 64 bit Cubase? 32/64 bit OS?

How do I check this? I don’t remember having to choose either.

The CB icon has Open in 32-bit mode checked. How do I check what the OS system is running in?

Alright, apparently I’m running CB in 32-bit mode and my Mac is 64 bit capable. Several plugs are also mis-matched. Thanks for the alert to this. I’ll do some experimenting with CB in 64-bit and see what happens. Thanks.

Update. Running CB in 64-bit seems to have fixed things as several of my plugs are 64 as well. I know, duh. Like I said, growing pains. Thanks for the help and continuing education.