Memory Problems in Cubase?

Hi, I just bought Cubase Elements 8 not too long ago, and recently I have just updated to Elements 9, in hope that this could solve my problem.

Since the time I bought this product, I have not been able to produce my music using this programme due a bug, I believed it is called a memory leak? What happens is that every time I run Cubase, after 10 to 15 minutes while I was making the music, the memory would go up to 90% and eventually crashes my whole pc. Even if I close the programme before the memory reached 90%, the memory then will stuck at that level. I noticed that this bug can be reproduced with slower rate by these steps:

  1. Opening Cubase Elements
  2. Wait
    *since this is compulsory to make a bug report

This happens both before and after I update to Elements 9. I do not know if this is an OS problem, or Cubase Elements. My pc is running on Windows 10 64-bit, 8gb RAM, intel core i5 solution. I have browse through google, Steinberg forums, but it is either there is no such bug reported yet, or I am just suck at using search engines.

Finally, the only way to recover my memory back to its usual state is just restart my pc. But then, the cycle just starts again, and I felt my money had just wasted just to see Cubase Elements 9 fails on my pc.