memory question

I have a computer running Windows 7 with 16 GB of RAM.

I’m using Nuendo 32 bits and my Windows 7 is 64 bits.

Would upgrading to 32 GB of memory make any difference in how Nuendo runs?

Running a 32bit program in a 64bit OS won’t let you use more than 4GB of RAM. You have to install a 64bit Nuendo version to benefit from your 16GB of Ram or more. Also youțll have to have all your plugins and VST instruments in 64bit format.

Or you could do what many of us do; run Nuendo 32bits and use VE Pro for VSTi.


Great tip DG! Didn’t knew about it. :slight_smile:

It’s fantastic. It is actually designed as a way of networking multiple computers together and sending MIDI/audio over network, but I use it as a kind of 64 bit sample container. This means that although my template is around 22GB, I only have to load it once a day, and I can change project as often as I like, without having to re-load the VSTi samples.


Or use JBridge to bridge samplers 64to32 - been doing that for a while and I can get near to using all 12GB on some projects even with Nuendo x32. VE Pro is also very cool - there’s a trial you can run to check it out. But JBridge is hard to beat for the $$$.

32GB sounds like overkill - have you experienced hitting the wall with 16GB? I’m sure it can be done, but if that is not a limitation you are actually running into, shelling out the $$$ for an additional 16GB of RAM seems like a waste.

To answer your main question - yes, it could make a difference depending on what you are doing and if you are using 64-bit samplers with JBridge or any samplers with VE Pro.