Memory usage with 32bit Cubase on W7/64???

I thought I understood this…until i actually started thinking about it :confused: …is there someone who’s clear on this?

I have Win 7/64 bit os on my system. I have 8 gig of RAM installed. I run Cubase 32 bit (versions 4.5 and 6). Running 32 bit CB for plugin compatibility (I’m aware of Jbridge and considering switching to 64 bit Cubase but, for now, just curious about a technical question).

My question is this…
Since W7/64 will allocate a full 4 gig of RAM to an application, I think I understand that Cubase will get 4 gig.

Now, when I insert a VSTi plugin into a project, is the plugin considered a separate application which could get it’s own 4 gig of RAM or does it use a portion of the 4 gig that was allocated to the parent application (Cubase)?

Since plugin’s are dll’s, I’m guessing that the load as an extension of the parent application and, thus, use memory allocated to the parent application. Anyone know this for sure?



All plugs use the same memory footprint as the sequencer. With Nuendo 32bit I get around 3.2GB before I get a crash. if you need more and aren’t yet ready to use the 64bit version, you can either use J-Bridge or VE Pro to give plugs their own memory space.


That’s what I thought…one of those curious moments when you knew something, but then you think about it again and suddenly you’re not sure that you knew what you thought you knew you know…or something like that :open_mouth:

I need another cup of coffee :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats the trouble, the more you know, the more you know you know less than you know, you know… :laughing: