Memory with VST instruments

Hi All
is there some kind of memory allocation for VSTis? I was having trouble with running a few instruments so I upgraded my memory to 48Gig (excessive I know) but it hasn’t made any difference to the performance at all. On loading up another instrument it tells me I’m out of memory!

Is there something I’m not doing

the instruments are:- Superior Drummer (quite a basic kit), Trilian Bass, Stylus RMX, and on loading Ivory piano it tells me I’m out of memory not with 48Gig surely?


Which OS are you on?


OSX 10.6.7

If you’re using a 32bit version of Nuendo, you’ll run out of memory somewhere around 3GB of usage.


I’m using Nuendo 5.1.1 Build 651 - Built on Jan 13 2011, I’m assuming it’s 64 bit - how do I check?

With EWQL Orchester and others of their VSTi it tells me that constantly, when loading a sample. It is annoying and another click to get rid of the note, but it has no influence on the performance, here. Can be an internal setting of the VSTi, but I have not yet found out…

its not )) u just have a Nuendo 32 bit version u can check it when u start N5 or click on about Nuendo on the top left side

so ur running 32bit program on 64 bit machine this causes a lot of toubles when ur using VST instruments u can upgrade to 220 GB memory this will not help u, i have the same problem i have to convert all the VST tracks to audio format, i hope soon steinberg release the 64 bit for N5 as update !!!

Hi Sonic,

I’m dealing with this problem some time, it’s really a pain in the ass. N5 is still 32bit, and so are some VSTis.
My latest workaround is to use the software BIDULE:
It allows you to load VSTis in an external environment if your Nuendo session becomes unstable concerning memory issues. Bidule and Nuendo work with ReWire-channels to stream the audio back into the DAW. The only disadvantage is not being able to use the normal host automation - touch every knob in the VSTi interface. But it works with Midi CCs.


A much better choice than Bidule: Vienna Ensemble Pro. Use it as a subhost for your 64bit-VSTis. Automate parameter via CCs.

This really solved 90% of my Nuendo crashes.