Memphis Tennessee

Hi there ,here`s a very simple recording of a Chuck Berry song ,done on an old Eko Rio Grande acoustic guitar, recorded with a sound hole pickup and a microphone at the same time for a stereo effect along with my voice mixed with a bit of distortion and mono reverb, hope you enjoy it .thanks

Interesting interpretation, the way you slightly ‘steered’ this out of the blues idiom, I like your style :slight_smile:.

Your style is interesting. Stick to it.

Thanks for the kind remarks i just played the guitar doing the true melody and then sung a 3rd up putting it in a better pitch for my voice in the key of Eb, i realy play this in F but the guitar is tuned down a whole tone.

thanks ,i will .

Forgot to check around here recently! Sounds great, but the voice is supposed to be louder than the guitar, no matter how good the guitar sounds! Enjoyed it!

Hi Leon ,thanks for your reply, ha ha, the voice is loud enough for me.

I enjoyed it thoroughly.
It sounded great.