I haven’t found it yet…not in the manual even…where is it?

(From the Cubase 7 product page on
“Think about this: you are editing a zoomed-in wave file and you need to jump to another part of your project only to return back to the starting point seconds later. Now imagine doing this several times in a row — but to save your sanity, Cubase 7 now features MemZap. This allows you to store the exact position and zoom factors of your project for recall and to hop between them whenever you like.”)

Search key commands for “mem”. You’ll find it.

Thanks Steve!..but how does it work?
How do I recall the stored zoom setting?

That’s the zap part.

Though it does defy logic that they did not simply call it store zoom and recall zoom.

You need to set 2 Key Commands:

1 for Zoom Mem and 1 for Zoom Zap

Then Hit Mem to memorise your current state before you move somewhere else.
Then Hit Zap to go back.

Subsequent hits of Zap will alternate between them etc.

oops. Thanks Phil for setting me straight on the fact that it’s more than just a zoom memory. It’s a memory slot, plus a second memory slot that memorizes the current zoom when you zap back to the first slot set.

Pretty nice.

Great stuff.
Thanks again, I still live and learn… :wink:

Sorry Steve, wasn’t my intention to be “clever” there, I just pretty much copied and pasted from my C7 Tips page:

Which I have been trying to add to my signature but that’s another story…


No Prob, Phil. Excellent tips page. You should post a thread letting folks know about it (maybe this is it!)

Phil’s page explains and demonstrates the new mixer functions, vari-audio and other stuff.

Zoom to selection + Undo Zoom work really well, set up as key commands.

For me - Alt+S = zoom to selection - you can select anything, a single item or lasso a few things, it will then fill the screen
Alt +U= undo zoom - takes you right back and it remembers a few steps of undo too

you can zoom in, tweek, cut, move things, do all sorts of editing, then (because you’re only undoing a zoom), undo the zoom and you’re back to where you started having done your fine tuning.

I’ve set these key comms to work with the left/right push on my mouse scroll wheel so it works one handed.

:smiley: I couldn’t find memzap in the manual either lol.

Steinberg’s left hand doesn’t know what its right hand is doing. I don’t even want to imagine what might be going on with the other body parts in this metaphor. :open_mouth:

Well, I suppose they could’ve named it “ZoomMash”. :smiley: