Mental Entropy

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In the depths of my mind’s entropy, thoughts run wild and free.
Through the maze of my inner mist, vision’s blurred and dim.
Watching through a veil, Unable to grab within.

I seek to find any center, but chaos rules this weather.

spin without direction
Can’t get protection

Caught in a dance of full disarray
Faces morph… stories shift… like echoes of a distant sear.

Memories distort and fade
Emotions, swirling with no tie
He He


In the haze of mental turbulence, thoughts run wild and free.
In the haze of mental turbulence, thoughts run wild and free.

Hi Stephane.
You’ve taken the bold move to go more “vocal” here, and you bravely did that in English. I’m sure that made it even more challenging. I put “vocal” in quotes because your voice is very processed to the point where it’s kind of an additional electronic instrument. That’s fine, and I know that Joe Zawinul (who I’ve mentioned to you many times in comments) did that too. Did you use a vocoder, or something like that?
I liked the parts of this where there was a cleaner and less electronic sound, such as where there were a few measures with sort of a jazzy piano figure. I also thought the sound near the end was kind of like an accordion, and I found that to be a bit refreshing amidst the electronics. My personal preference is to hear “real” instruments in the company of any heavily electronic track, so I enjoyed those moments.
This was typically for you, well recorded and balanced, but I’ve liked some of your other work a bit more than this. I’d be curious to know if you were so focused on the vocal track that you intentionally did a bit less with the other tracks. As always, if you’re happy with this, that’s great, and I do appreciate your work.
For what it’s worth, I’ll make the suggestion that if you’re focusing on incorporating vocals, it might be a little easier and more rewarding for you to develop a comfort zone by trying out either a wordless, melodic voice, or to do something in your native French. It wasn’t bad to use English, by the way, but it probably did take more focus or effort to get something you liked through doing that. I know that would be the case for me if I tried to do a vocal track en Francais.
Take care,

Hey John
Thanks for your comprehensive comment.
Well, i didn’t use any vocoder, but it’s true that the voice is processed with common effects: Verb, Sat and delays mainly. I also used 2 takes to thicken the vocals & introduce some harmonies.
Very true that as i’m not a real singer, so, I decided to use vocals as “instrument”. An other reason is also the way i’m creating music. Was simply easier for me.
You nail it! I don’t know how many hours i spent on the vocals. It was a real challenge. I even had few days closed to quit! So you are right again, focus was “voice”. I wanted to give it a true try, and obviously spent less time on the other tracks.
Now that i did it, i even would like to ear the track with a true singer. I don’t have any connection, but I’m really thinking about. If someone reading this is interested…
Your idea of comfort zone is great. I will stick to English because of ubiquity, but now that i did it once, let see where it evolves. I’m also thinking about taking some lessons, why not ?

Again, thank for your time, and take care too.

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Hello @Stephco,

As always, you present us with very original material. This song is no exception, the Stephco signature clearly audible. I like the general atmosphere that emerges from the song. The introduction is rather interesting with the melody which emerges from the percussions.

The voice processing and the melodic organization of the voice is not easily accessible and audible, it is good that you have inserted the text in the post. Without him, it would be difficult to understand what the song is about. The text is also interesting; is it a tormented spirit that will eventually see the end of the tunnel? Is there hope? I don’t know how to interpret this…

Personally, I would have put the vocals a bit more forward in some places, but overall you were very true to your roots. I like!

Thank you René,

Well, to answer your question, just embrace the entropy… it’s only a new deal.

I think i might find a real singer…
Thanks for your time and comment.
Take care

Always original and interesting. Liked the real sounding instruments like piano and marimba(?). Vocals were hard to make out, so thanks for the lyrics.

Hey, Leon.
Yep, tried to create something new but still in line with my “style & sound”.
To answer your question, keys are a combo of an acoustic piano & an electric one. (both from Steinberg).
“Bass” sounds are done with H7 DX7 capabilities which are amazing.