Menu bar at the top not visible, so everything is off vertically when using the mouse

And the program apparently thinks the menu bar is visible…
So I click for example on Engrave and this happens

And selecting items with mouse doesn’t work well because I need to click underneath them to select them.
Usually happens when resizing the window.

I have Version (May 30 2023)
Dorico (326.1 KB)

observation: The menu bar hides quite consistently when resizing the window. It reappears again after moving the window.

I have the same problem.

Very interesting – I’m away from my Windows machine for a few days, but could you please make a screen recording for me so I can see exactly what’s happening?

ok, here dorico menu bar - YouTube

Thanks for providing the video. I’ll look into this as soon as possible.

observation: This problem still happens after some time Dorico has been running on the PC.

  • when I restart Dorico, nothing changes.
  • when I restart the whole PC and then start Dorico, it’s ok (at least for some time, several hours maybe, I don’t know what triggers this, it just happens eventually)

Maybe there’s some kind of memory leak in the underlying framework that causes this? This didn’t occur in Dorico v 5.0 and earlier.

Now it happened again. I had dorico running for a long time and I didn’t do anything in it for about 10 hours. Now I resized its window and the menu bar vanished.
Dorico (1.2 MB)
Maybe you could also do a remote session with me (teamviewer?), so you can investigate this on my computer? I would not reboot the PC in that case.

Well, this was very annoying for me - I tend to resize windows a lot a and I don’t like restarting the computer.

So now, whenever this behaviour occurs, I run an autohotkey script (I click a desktop shortcut in the corner of the screen) which moves a Dorico window one pixel left and back if the window has been resized.

#Requires AutoHotkey v2.0

DORICO_IDENTIFIER := "ahk_exe Dorico5.exe ahk_class Qt650QWindowIcon"
prevWidth := 0
prevHeight := 0
width := 0
height := 0
xPos := 0
yPos := 0

; Get the initial size and position of the Dorico window
try {
    WinGetPos(&xPos, &yPos, &width, &height, DORICO_IDENTIFIER)
    prevWidth := width
    prevHeight := height

; Timer to check window size every 1000 milliseconds (1 second)
SetTimer(CheckWindowSize, 1000)

CheckWindowSize() {
    ; Get the current size and position of the Dorico window
    try {
        WinGetPos(&xPos, &yPos, &width, &height, DORICO_IDENTIFIER)
    catch TargetError {

    ; Check if the window has been resized
    if (width && height && (width != prevWidth || height != prevHeight)) {
        ; Update the stored size
        prevWidth := width
        prevHeight := height

        ; Move the window 1 px left and then back
        WinMove(xPos - 1, yPos,,, DORICO_IDENTIFIER)
        WinMove(xPos, yPos,,,DORICO_IDENTIFIER)