Menu bar blank or freezes [Solved]

Hi I installed Cubase 10 Pro last week. Everything functioned without a problem until I loaded a Cubase 5 project in Cubase 10 Pro then the floating Menu Bar drop down menuss would either go blank or freeze completely.
Minimizing/Maximizing windows, adjusting Windows graphic settings, Intel Graphics settings, closing Cubase etc… did not solve the problem.

I solved my problem by not using the Laptop Screen as a 3rd screen for Cubase!

So far so good. I now use my laptop screen for any windows 10 stuff, emails etc and ONLY USE 2 MONITORS for Cubase 10

Hope this helps someone out.


Cubase 10 Pro
HP Spectre x360 13"
UAD Apollo Twin Solo MKii
Caldigital TS3 Plus (dock)
Club3D SenseVision MST Hub Displayport 1.2 (x2 HDMI)
Acer G245HQ display monitor
Acer K242HL display monitor

I have the exact same issue on Cubase 9.5, but a Surface Book 3 laptop. Why is this issue considered to be ‘solved’? I’m glad it’s not just me, but it seems like Steinberg (or Windows) owes us a solution for this.

For me it only does it if I display a plugin on the laptop screen, doesn’t matter what plugin either a Steinberg or non-Steinberg. If I click on a menu on the Cubase menu bar, and move the mouse left or right across the menu bar with the mouse button held down, each menu drops downs but displays blank. Also I get the menu freeze you mentioned occasionally.

I don’t think it is a solution to just use another display, especially when we have really nice looking laptop displays.

Has anyone found a solution to this?