Menu bar function error with each session

Main Taskbar function error with each session. The taskbar at the top of Cubase where it has FILE, EDIT, PROJECT, AUDIO, MIDI, etc. This task bar stops functioning every time I use cubase 11 AI. I can choose only 1 options initially when I start a new session, such as FILE>SAVE, or STUDIO>SETUP, which will work…but only the initial time. After that, the taskbar is useless. I would usually go to STUDIO>AUDIO after I setup STUDIO, but I cannot click on the taskbar and access anything. The F1-F12 shortcuts and Command Shortcuts still work thank god, so I can mostly still manage and save my work, but I often just have to close Cubase and re-open it just to access setting and make adjustments. Yes, I have tried re-installing, several times now.

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What OS do you use, please? If you are on Windows, what graphic card do you use, please?