Menu bar hang on exit (using top right X) RME users pls see

I did a search but could not find such issue for V9.

I have Cubase 9.0.2 on 2 systems here and on 1 of them an ASUS i5 custom build system Cubase’s menu bar/transport hangs upon exit. Even with a totally empty project. If I click the top right application window " X " this behaviour is evident until I click once again and after 2-3 seconds then the menu bar clears.

Cubase 9.0.2 is resident in memory after the first click (that leaves the menu bar hanging) according to the Task manager.

Not exactly a show stopper, but neither giving a sensation of a robust system either. Is anyone else seeing this behaviour and how do you officially report a bug/issue.

Running latest version 9.0.2 (also did it with 9.0.1), Windows 10 - 64 bit, RME-9632 HDSP PCI driver 4.17 latest, ASUS Z-270 Prime.

I have the same issue , in all versions of 9

Not a problem just annoyance.

Win 10
Asus z97I +

That is how it is made to be. If the menu bar is there Cubase is running, clicking the X will close the project, clicking it again will close Cubase
You can double click the menu bar to get the grey background, btw.

Thanks for the replies guys. This behaviour is not exhibited on my other system. One click on the X and it closes immediately including the menu bar.

On the system in question…

Boot Cubase 9.0.2, Creat Empty, Click X and the project closes, then the menu bar hangs until you click the X again.

The other system (as Cubase has always operated previously) Boot Cubase 9.0.2, Creat Empty, Click X and the full application closes.

It seems system specific and as another user is having the issue has an RME card could it be RME driver related ? Pure conjecture at this moment.

Agreed, it is annoying but reassuring you suggest is not causing a major issue. It just feels very flaky. Given it may point in the direction of a RME Cubase 9.0 issue it needs looking at. This is my first RME card and I purchased it on the basis of endless good driver reviews over the years.

Where can bugs be reported ? I will point RME support to the thread as well. If anyone else has an RME card and has a similar issue please do contribute. Not suggesting it is categorically an RME driver issue but going only on what info we have in this thread. i.e 2 RME users having the same behaviour.

No panic but a sensible approach to whittling it down seems appropriate.

*edit… though I can now see you also run an RME card peakae.

Hi you,

strange, strange: The behaviour you describe is absolutely ok- first click on the X closes the project. Second one closes Cubase.

I seriously doubt that this has anything to do with the RME-Card btw.



Cubase closes fine here.
9.0.2 RME AIO driver 4.17 WIn 7 64

I very occasionally get an issue where Cubase won’t close and hangs, but it’s no where near as bad as it used to be.

I’ve had the “hang on exit” problem for years, but since 9.0.2 it never happens. RME AIO card with latest driver.