Menu bar stays open.

When i shutdown Cubase 8 the menu bar stays visible.
Same times it’s shut down but same times its stay visible on my desktop.
I can only shut it down by using the task management to shut is down.

Anybody know a solution?

Im using cubase 8 64x windows 7 64x sp1

Regards Kimbo.


How do you shut it down? There is an “X” button on the menu bar to really quit the Cubase. If you use this button on the Project window, you jist close the project, not whole Cubase.

Is it the same, if you use a shortcut?

You can check by using quit from the File menu, that should close the whole application.

I press the X button of the menu bar but noting happens.
And some times i will close.

Im gonna try this tomorrow.

Still the same problem.

The menu bar takes a while longer to close than the project, if it doesn’t close at all then the application is hanging. The first place I would look is at 3rd party plugins, then at any hardware drivers.

It seems, some of the component cannot close. Checkig of plug-ins could be one of them (are them up to date?). Then you could try to have a look, if video component doesn’t hang, or Steinberg Hub. I would also recommend to update an eLCC.

Thanks for thinking with me guys.
The problem seems to be gone.
Lets hope it stays away.

I have this problem as well and as it’s a new install including the new eLCC, I’m pretty sure it’s not a plugin issue

I’ve noticed this sometimes, too. I always exit the program using File >> Quit.