Menu Bar - Why Mac-stytle for Windows?

Why the Mac-style menu bar on the latest version of CuBase? Please change it back to Windows style, or at least offer that option. If I wanted Mac-style format then I would be using a Mac. But I want CuBase to allow me the same size control I have with all other Windows programs.


As far as I know, the reason was that lots of users complained about the “background-frame” of Cubase in previous versions. Now, all Windows are totally free, and you can arrange them on your desktop however you want to.

As a user, you can decide, where you want to put your menu bar. For some users, it’s related to the Project window. For other users, it’s close to the MixConsole, for other users close to the Editors. You, as a user, can decide. And of course, it doesn’t make sense, to put the menu to all windows. That’s waiting of space.

So the current solution (which is not 100% Mac-style btw) seems to be the most Logical one for the application which is using many windows at the same time.

Thanks for your feedback.
Since writing that post I have been experimenting and found a fairly good solution.
I use two computer monitors and have organised my real estate distribution in this manner:
Left monitor dedicated to main project window and mixconsole. Right monitor for all other panels, now including the menu panel that sits fairly harmlessly at the top of screen.
Getting used to it now, and I guess pretty soon it will all become second nature.


I would also recommend you to focus on Workspaces in Cubase. This is another great Tool, how to organize windows in Cubase.