Menu (don't know how it's actually called) in engrave mode not showing up

Everything worked as normal (except from the scrolling bug in galley view :wink:
Until suddenly, the menu in engrave mode didn’t appear anymore. Video attached.
Restarted Dorico - not helping.
Restarted Windows-PC - not helping.
Tried different files - all the same.
What can I do?

The Disclosure Arrow seems to be missing. Try <ctrl>7.

That was fast and it worked! Thank you, Craig!
But I think Dorico shouldn’t behave like this, right?

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Yes, looks like a bug. The Disclosure Arrow should be there.

Yes, this was brought up a month ago but not resolved, to my knowledge.

Yes. I noticed that the arrows have been taken away from the side panels in Write and Engrave Mode, but not from the bottom one, and I do not always manage to remember which of CTL-6, -7, -8, or -9 I need to hit as an alternative! :smile:

Could they be restored, please?