Menu for "Add track" appears on the "wrong" side?!

Hi all :slight_smile:

So, I right click on any track, and I get the “mainmenu” for everything you wanna do with that track, or choose “Add Track” at the top.
When I hover over “Add Track”, the pop up window for this is shown on the left side of the “mainmenu”, instead of the right side where it’s always been before?! This is making me crayzy, and I cannot find anything related to this in the settings…

Anyone else have this happening? :slight_smile:

No ,it’s on the right side like always,do you have dual monitors? Maybe cubase is not on the main screen,even if monitor is on leaf it might be Num 2

Hi :slight_smile:

I do have two screens, and I tried the switch’ero…but no luck :open_mouth: