Menu gets vertical

I’ve encountered a bug where right clicking to try and add a new track shows a menu that is unusable

  1. Use Cubase 10.5.2
  2. Leave it on for a night or several hours
  3. Now the menus are vertical

    It also seems to affect the channels, where it is no longer possible to add/remove insert effects. It has persisted right from Cubase 10 as far as i remember.

Win10, I7 6700K, Saffire pro 40, 16GB ram

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I’ve seen this from time to time as well. It seems to affect a wide variety of menus once it happens.

still not fixed and no answer even though there were clear steps to reproduce. I’m wondering if this is still a problem in Cubase 11?

I will check with the team, what the status of this issue is.

I can see a report in our system and it seems to be connected to logging out and in your Windows user account.

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Hi Matthias,
could my problem be related to this same bug:

Thanks for checking.

It is. Happens when switching between Windows users.