Menu in French


This is an incredible new version. Little things to look out.

The menu’s names are difficult to read. The space needed for the French text is either too small or there is too much text.

Also, It seems version 4 did not keep all the regular shortcuts (page view) in French.

Keep up the great work.


Thanks for your feedback, Louis. If there are any specific places where you find the text particularly hard to read, do let us know. In terms of shortcuts, all of your existing keyboard shortcuts that you defined in your previous version of Dorico will have been migrated across to the new version, so you should have access to all of the shortcuts you had before.

Hello, Daniel.

Here is a view of the Layout Window. As you can see at the bottom the text is not readable completely. This makes it difficult to work with.

As for the shortcuts, I changed the language of the shortcuts set. Therefore everything falls fine.

In French, you have to consider the difference between France and French Canadian. As you know the keys have a different position.

By the way, I try without success to show the Group Label. There might be a problem when the Flows have been imported to a new project.

Thank for being so fast on the reply.


Thanks: I’ll talk to our French translator about whether he can come up with some shorter translations for those buttons.

Thank you Daniel.


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Hello Daniel,

I just got the way to solve the French menu mystery : resizing the widow! Now I can read the menus.

I still to find the way to put back the Group Label. When I start a fresh project, it shows, but when I import Flows or XML it dissapear.

Thank’s for your understanding,


And now, I solved my mysterious Group Label. I was only looking at the Engraving Window. I should have looked at the Layout Window.

Sorry for the trouble.


Here are some collisions in French version>Engrave mode:

Best regards.