Menu item File -> Close is confusing

I could have sworn this was different in Cubase 12, but I can’t test it right now. In Cubase 13 (macOS) the menu item File -> Close is confusing. Sometimes it closes the active window (e.g. the MixConsole) and sometimes it closes the project. The menu item isn’t labeled as to what it actually does, and I haven’t figured out any rhyme or reason as to when it closes one thing or the other.

I almost never want to close just a window like the MixConsole. If I did, I’d just hit the little red X button which is standard for macOS. I usually always want to close the project, but I get frustrated when I use File -> Close and it just closes the window.

I’ve started just quitting Cubase and restarting it, but that’s a pain because of how long it takes for Cubase to shut down and start back up.

I know this seems minor but it’s an annoying papercut!


It closes the window with the focus. If the Project window has the focus, it closes the Project.

It is the same in Cubase 12. I find it illogical as well and wish it was replaced with a proper “Close Project”. A “Close Window” function does not belong in the File menu in my opinion.


Yeah, that’s just super confusing! It might be better if the menu item reflected the action, but also I agree with @mlib

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