Menu item "Logical presets" locked??

Hi! My installation of CBE10 refuses to let me select the Logical preset in the MIDImenu!

Everything else looks fine, but regadless of how simple a midi-part i select in the main window, the menu item remains gray!

I started 9.5 an that i still fine. I located the Logical Edit folder in both versions and they look identical. I replaced the one in 10 with the one from 9.5 anyway, but no difference.

Anyone else had this issue? Its not the most important menu in Cubase, but I use it every once in a while to make half tempo etc.


Make sure Cubase is closed. Make sure it is the latest version 10.0.20. If not - install the latest maintenance update.
Try looking in “your user name”/AppData/Roaming/Steinberg
This is the folder where all Steinberg preferences are stored. Open Cubase 10_64/ Presets/Logical Edit. Open a few of the folders inside there. If they are empty that is the source of the problem. Probably all the folders inside the presets folder will be empty as well - it is an installation bug that sometimes happens on some systems. To solve it do the following:
Rename the “Presets” folder to something like “HIDEPresets”.
Now go to your installation folder in Program Files/Steinberg/Cubase 10 which I am assuming is on your C Drive. Copy the folder called “Presets” to the aforementioned preferences folder “Cubase 10_64”.
Close everything and start cubase. If logical editor works then you can go ahead and delete the folder “HIDEPresets”.
If logical editor still does not work then, after closing Cubase, I would delete the "Cubase 10_64 folder [it’s called trashing cubase preferences] and start cubase again - it will refresh all its preferences to factory defaults [you will lose any preferences you have saved].
If that does not work you might have to look at doing an uninstall/ full fresh install.
Advice: When you get everything working and you have spent time getting the program the way you want it, by all means save your preferences and save a profile. In addition I always make a backup to another disk drive or memory stick of the Cubase 10_64 folder. Should something get corrupted I can always replace the whole folder.
Good luck!

Typically the LE and LE Preset menu items will be grayed out if no MIDI Parts or Events are selected. You say you’ve selected a MIDI Part so it shouldn’t be gray. Is there anything going on that might make Cubase think no MIDI Data is selected? Locked Track or…? If you open a Part in the Key Editor and select some notes are the menus still gray?

The path does not match, but I’ve found a presets folder in Cubase10 folder, that includes the Logical Edit. It all looks fine, and even after I replaced it with the files from my working 9.5 nothing changed.

Since the folders does not match your description, I guess deleting the Presets folder is sorta the same?