Menu misery!

For all I know this may already be implemented in v.11 (I’m on 10.5) but boy oh boy do I need a search facility for the menus. Things have a habit of moving between versions and it’s taking ages to go through all likely sub-menus to find something that used to be on a right-click.

An auto-search for “Delete Overlaps” probably wouldn’t need you type more than “Delete O” for example. Simple and time-saving. You might even discover commands you didn’t realise were there.

What’s not to like? :grin:


If you happen to be on a Mac, you already have that search function in the OS. Just click on the rightmost menu item called “Help”, and start typing. As the search results pop up, just press the down arrow and it will take you to the corresponding menu items. If you happen to be on Windows… maybe you have something similiar? (Honest question, not a call for OS Wars Chapter 481)

I’m jealous! (Actually, I’m probably envious, come to think of it…) If there’s anything like that in Windows I’m unaware of it. As for the OS wars may peace and understanding reign henceforth for ever and ever amen! :grin:

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