Menu selection not happening on mouse up on drop down menus C13

New for Cubase 13, not happening on Cubase 12. Windows 11.

Menu items are not selecting on mouse up when the mouse is held down. For example:

Open a drum event and attempt to change the quantize preset from 1/8 to 1/16 or similar.

  1. Left Click on the drop down and move the mouse down, button held down. The highlight follows the mouse.

  2. Release the left button over desired quantize. The menu drop down remains and no item is selected.

  3. Menu closes when something else is clicked without changing the setting.

Applies to all drop downs within the Cubase screen.

Under Cubase 12, and on menu items in the main window menu this is not the same behaviour. For example, in C13, click and hold on main menu File, release on open, the File Open dialog opens.

Very annoying for a Windows user since Windows 3.1! That’s a lot of ingrained habit! I noticed it because when editing a drum track, the quantization wasn’t changing when I selected it and I didn’t notice the menu not closing as I went to apply further beats in the drum editor.

Edit: What this has prompted me to spot though is that you don’t need to drop down, the mouse wheel can change the quantize without dropping it down, which looks useful.

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I have the same issue. It happens with any drop down menu in the project and editor windows.

I use Windows 11 and MacM1, but it only happens on the Windows computer.

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This issue is fixed in 13.0.2.