Menu suggestions for Cubase designers

Dear Cubase designers,

I don’t love the way the plugin menu is displayed. I’ve already optimized it by moving around .dll, by creating alphabet based subfolders and so on, but i think the displaying of and jumping to another column with the “More Plug-ins…” entry is a waste of time, a bit like several successive big rooms linked only by cat sized doors. I always end up crawling from column to colum all the time.

Could you please consider implementing a preference’s option to let the user choose if he wants all the plugin menu’s columns to pop-up at once ? Some of us have larger than life displays, why not take advantage of them ? When we’re in the process of selecting an insert, we instantly have nothing else to do, our only concern is that we want to go to the plugin the fastest possible way, we don’t need to keep the menu small to keep seeing the project background.



More flexibility re: preference settings would be great. I hate cat doors.

+1 on this topic. Plug-In management needs some serious attention. We are way past the days when owning a few VST’s was the norm.


There are countless topics here and over at the now defunct I cant speak for but I could guess.


No matter how I look at it now it looks totally random. Just because I’ve gotten used to it doesn’t mean I like it.

Totally agree. Great suggestions.

double +1

The current popup menus are difficult and error-prone…
There are many other ways in which this list could be presented, in order to be more user friendly…
eg. Instead of popup menus, you could have a single window pane with a scrollbar, plus a search field for you to locate plugs by typing a part of their name (like Reaper)