Menuetto Da Capo

So, we have a Haydn String quartet movement, menuetto and trio, with Menuetto Da Capo at the end. How can I get the result of having MDC go back to the menuetto and play it back with repeats and stop at the trio? The following sketch is no good as it does not play the menuetto repeat on the DC al Fine.


It is often customary not to do the repeats on the D.C:

A simple Coda for the Trio will work (Hide the Coda sign and add TRIO text). There’s a play option to play repeats on DC. (Play options>Repeats…)

yes, especially with people, who don’t like that kind of music…

Now that you mention it, that’s of course true. I had not recalled that. Makes it easy then.

But here is an interesting discussion, I suppose possibly OT as more about performace practice than Dorico, but I did want to know how one may achieve the second repeats.

My current context is the Haydn String Quartets.

In classical an preclassical times the dance movements were the fun bit - because it reminded people of dancing, flirting and so on… - of leaving their strict rules of behaviour.
So the more repeats you would play, the better.
This is a bit simplified and I am sure someone could explain it better. As music lovers lost that sense of understanding as time went by, the Menuet and Trio movements are quite often executed with rather a sense of fulfilling a duty, than playing the most charming bit of the composition. That’s in my opinion, why people omitted the Da Capo repeats - to get the piece over and done quicker…