Menus and Symbols gone CRAZYYY!!!!

Take a look at the attached snapshots. This is the second time this has happened to me ever since I downloaded and started using Dorico several days ago.Usually after I rebooting my computer, the problem is fixed and everything looks fine. But every once in a while, upon running Dorico, I face with this scene of mixed up and wrong symbols in the palettes, and closing and restarting Dorico doesn’t fix it…I have to reboot my computer.

I recently downloaded Dorico and I am on a 30 day trial license, trying to see if I should switch from Finale, but I have been having some weird issues. This is by far the most major (and annoying) issue. Please Help! I really want to switch from Finale but such issues are not helping in making my decision.

Are you on Windows or Mac? What version of the operating system?

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This looks your system’s font cache has got messed up. It appears that you are running Windows 10. So try clearing the system font cache. There are a number of guides out there for how to do it, but here’s one: