Menus doubled / off-centered

Upgraded from Artist 7.5 to Artist 8.0 and am getting this weird menu problem. Windows 8.1. Happens whether or not a project is open, and regardless of workspace layout.

Anyone else experiencing this, or know what the heck might be going on? Thanks! :astonished:

Yep happening to me as well. I keep thinking I have 2 Cubase’s open. I’m on a UHD screen running at 3840 x 2160 with scaling disabled.

i have this too !!
it feels as double menu. also i don’t like the look and those shadowing of the menu sections(altough in your pic this white menu looks better)
the Mac version looks much better !

Here too. Is there any way to turn off the whole window thing so i can use the window like i used to? At least until the buggy stuff is sorted?

what font are you using on the attached pic ? looks much better than mine :slight_smile:
also how to get rid of the shadows on the menus fonts ? i disabled all i could in the “performance options” in the system(win 7)
(need to get familiar and used to the new windows handling :neutral_face: )

I think it’s just the default with Cleartype tweaks (Windows 8.1).

Other than disabling all of those, I’m not sure. Sorry, I’'m not very helpful haha :cry:

font-size 100% solved it for me (Control Panel/Display)

me too … it happen at high dpi setting …

thanks for the info… indeed 100% DPI solved it… still need to be fixed of course

Happening for me as well on Cubase Pro 8 64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate.

Doesn’t affect any functionality. It is only a cosmetic flaw.

I run at 1920 x 1080 so setting font size smaller than 125% makes things unreadably small.

i got a weirder problem
i aint got the menu bar to display

see that

thats so weird … i need my menu bar !!!

i managed to make it appear under my mouse (and left clicking) after making a right click any where on arranger (cf


windows 7 sp1 32bits, i5-2500, Nvidia GTX275 with latest drivers