Merge data streams from different MIDI ports within Cubase in real-time

I’m hoping someone with good Cubase MIDI knowledge can point me at a solution for this…

I’m using C11 Pro on a Windows 10 PC. My master keyboard is a venerable Yamaha KX88 which still works like new and it does most of what I want but lacks the MIDI trigger buttons found on more recent keyboard models. MIDI interface to the PC is a MOTU MIDI Express 128 which uses DIN sockets for MIDI connections to devices.

I have just been given an IK Multimedia iRig Pads 16-button MIDI controller which uses a USB-A connector. When plugged directly into the PC it works as advertised and presents on its own MIDI port (“iRig Pads”.) This arrangement works but it’s not exactly what I need.

What I would like to do is make the iRig output appear to my Cubase project in the same MIDI stream as the KX88 keyboard, with the data from the two devices merged. The purpose of doing this is to set up the iRig unit to trigger articulation changes in Kontakt sampler instrument libraries and other VSTi’s which use keyswitches below the range of the keyboard, without having to go into the Cubase MIDI editor to add the notes manually. I’d rather just hit a pad and generate G#-2 (say) to create a pinch harmonic on my virtual guitar. Problem is that the MOTU MIDI interface cannot accept a USB connection from the iRig device

So, I was wondering if there was a way, within Cubase, of merging the keyboard MIDI -typically on Channel 1 of Input Port 1 of the MOTU MIDI interface - with the data arriving at the “iRig Pads” MIDI Port, then merging the two and recording the merged data on a MIDI track which can be used to play the instrument. I was thinking along the lines of a MIDI transformation in real time but I have no knowledge or experince of working with this kind of thing and I am not sure that Cubase has the facility to merge 2 ports together.

I think I could do this with external hardware, like the Kenton MIDI USB Host, to merge the USB and DIN data feeds together before it goes into the computer, but if Cubase can do it just as effectively I will save myself from the purchase price.

I will be pleased to be told that I have missed something very simple. Can anyone help?

Set the midi track input to All MIDI.

Thanks, Steve. Ithought it had to be very simple or very complex and I’m glad it was the former. All working now.

For some reason I had always assumed that All MIDI meant all MIDI channels on the current port. I did not realise it had a fully global meaning beyond that.

So I’m suitably embarrassed, but happy :grinning:.


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