Merge midi improvement > merge selected events to selected track

I know there is a workaround using an export and re-import but I like to see this as a simple function usable with a shortcut.
I use multiple midi tracks for strings. each track contains another articulation.
I like to combine the tracks to one single track for the score or for another library track.
It’s just a simple merge-the-selected-midi-tracks.
The result could be a seperate new midi track or (better) just clipboard data which then could be pasted to the desired midi-track.

This? Merging MIDI Events into a New Part


Yep, and the OP could create a macro to make it even faster (as long as track selection follows event selection is active).

Select all midi parts you want to merge then hit the key command, then:

  • Solo selected tracks
  • Set locators to event selection
  • Midi Merge
  • Unsolo All

ahh yess thats it - a bit tricky to do but thats what I was looking for.
All right I created the LE.-preset but the merge function could be improved.
For now, the highest track gets the merged data - no matter what.

It would be great to select events and then push the merged data to a selected track (overwriting or not)
In example - I have a woodwind arrangement and 4 tracks
I would select flute and the oboe midi events and select the bassoon track.
The merged midi event should be created at the bassoon track.
(Maybe just an LE function to transform data to the clipboard would help. I’ll create an extra ticket for that)

Midi-Merge Solo.xml (6.5 KB)